Best Packers and Movers in Ghaziabad

    If you are residing in Ghaziabad and you have to shift to a new place, you can easily bank upon Soham Cargo Packers Movers, who have been serving with best relocation services in this region. Attention to minutest possible details, adherence to high quality, use of high end packaging material and well trained and experienced staff makes them a much sought after name in the field of packing and moving.

    Movers & Packers in Ghaziabad have been offering matchless service in the field, that too, at affordable rates. Many people who plan to carry out the entire process on their own end up devoting a lot of time in this task. They will not only have to spend a lot of time and energy in this task, they will also suffer from a lot of stress, headaches and tensions. Packing requires a lot of systematic work so that once everything has been shifted to the new place, the home owners get settled quickly. Tremendous efforts are thus required in the job. It is thus better to seek professionals help in this regard as they are high experienced and trained to carry out this job. The task will be done in half of the time without facing any stress whatsoever.

    Why to Hire Professional Movers and Packers in Ghaziabad?

    Best-in-class and versatile moving & packaging process

    Expert moving companies in Ghaziabad offer highly efficient and refined work strategies with the help of highly skilled staff and qualified moving labor team who are capable of carrying out your relocation in a professional way. They follow safety measures and use suitable equipment to ensure safety while packing and moving goods and handle goods with ultimate care.

    Modern packing techniques with top-quality material

    The best movers and packers in Ghaziabad will pack your entire belongings using standard quality packing material and deliver them without a single scratch. They follow different packing methods for different items like Furniture, AC, appliances, and other such goods that require dismantling before getting packed.

    Careful loading/unloading done with apt equipment

    The shifting service provider in Ghaziabad will load and unload your items with required equipment and techniques depending on dimensions of various goods. They use hand trucks, furniture dolly and sliders, panel movers, moving blankets and pads, appliance dollies, straps, ropes, and so on, so that all bulky items are easily rolled in and out of the house; these devices also help movers to safeguard themselves from any injuries and protect house property from damages, while lifting and moving heavy objects.

    Customer-oriented shifting services at affordable charges

    Availing relocation services by best movers packers Ghaziabad prove beneficial in terms of costs as well as hassle-free relocation services, whether you are moving within or outside Ghaziabad. They will bring necessary supplies like packing material, equipment, suitable transport vehicle, etc. to shift your items safely. The Packers and movers Ghaziabad charges are affordable, and they determine your relocation rates based on the quantity of items you have to move, fragility of goods, distance of relocation, whether you need additional services or not, and several other factors.

    When is the best time to move – weekends or weekdays?

    The date and time on which you plan to move will determine whether your relocation will be expensive or cheap. Packers and Movers Ghaziabad price will differ throughout the month due to peak season when lots of people prefer moving and moving companies are fully booked. Read below to know when to avoid moving and which days are perfect for a quick and economic move.

    When to avoid shifting

    • Weekends: Generally, people prefer moving on weekends (every Friday – Sunday) as they have enough time. Because of this, relocation companies in Ghaziabad are fully occupied with shifting jobs and tend to charge higher shifting cost to take up more moving service requirements.
    • Month-ends: Normally, lease contracts end and begin at this time (25th of current month – 5th of next month), because of which 100s of people move in and out of homes. It’s difficult to not only find trustworthy packing moving companies in Ghaziabad during this time, but also those who can carry out your required services professionally and with full care.

    Cheapest time to move in Ghaziabad

    • Weekdays: It’s always better to move during weekdays (Monday – Thursday), so that you can hire best moving company in Ghaziabad at lowest prices due to off-season. They will be able to complete your relocation by putting extra focus on your specific requirements and ensure full safety of goods as well as house property.
    • Mid of the month: As very few people relocate at this time (between 10th to 25th of every month), it becomes easier for you to find reliable shifting companies in Ghaziabad who can be trusted to safely move goods, as they will not be in a hurry to complete quickly. They will also charge nominal relocation rates and provide complete services from start to end as per your requirements.

    Top 9 Packers and Movers Ghaziabad List

    Soham Cargo

    +91 9099930137 

    Pooja Cargo

    +91 9099930133

    List of Essential Tasks to do Before Moving Homes

    There are several tasks to be completed before shifting so that you don’t have a difficult time after moving into the new community. Some of these essential things are as mentioned below:

    Sort through and get rid of unwanted/unused items

    The first thing to do before packing is, sort through all household items and set aside the items which you haven’t used in a long time and those you’re not planning to use anymore after moving in. You can donate usable goods to NGOs or any needy person close by to your home; if you have any expensive items, sell them online to make a small fortune for yourself. By doing this, you can not only reduce the load of goods to be packed and moved, but also lower your overall shifting charges and time taken to complete the entire relocation.

    Pack overnight survival bag for 1st few days

    Before packing up all the goods to be loaded in the truck, you need to first plan for having a comfortable stay during the 1st few days in your new home. Since unpacking is a tiresome and time-taking task, it’s best to keep a few of your essential things close by so that you don’t need to unpack all boxes to find basic necessities; pack essential items like kids necessities, medicines, extra pair of clothes, toiletries, medications, etc.

    Update your new address in important places

    Before shifting, one of the most crucial tasks to complete is to change/update your new home address at all the important places so that you don’t miss any vital communications through post. Some of the places where you need to update your address are Banks and credit card companies, Current employer, Insurance providers, Post office, Schools and colleges, shopping sites, and last but not least inform your relations and friends so that they can visit you.

    Pack and keep valuables separately

    Even though you hire top packers and movers for home shifting in Ghaziabad, it’s never a good idea to let them pack and move your valuable belongings, like important documents (educational, official, personal, etc.), Electronic devices like Laptop, Phone and their chargers, money and purse, Jewelry, Ornaments, etc. No matter how trusted your moving service company is, your valuables are worth much more, so preferably pack your valuables along with the essential kit and take them with you while shifting.

    How Soham Cargo helps you hire good movers and packers for stress-free relocation?

    The industry of packers and movers industry in India is not properly set up due to the presence of bogus movers who deceive innocent customers easily by offering lowest cost quotes. That’s why, at AssureShift, we work to protect you from unprofessional relocation companies by following the below procedure:

    1. We do complete background investigation of each removal company in Ghaziabad before partnering with them. We thoroughly verify their documents including license details, company registration, owner’s valid ID proof, and their performance history. We make sure they are fully capable of carrying out your relocation services as per expected quality and within the said budget and time.
    2. All you need to do tell us your entire shifting requirements, budget, and list of required services; right away, we will recommend 3 best-match and trustworthy relocation service companies in Ghaziabad who offer economical shifting prices as per your required packing quality.
    3. Our recommended moving companies will contact you to offer their estimated shifting charges based on your requirements; you can quickly compare cost quotes to decide which is most suitable to your budget. You can also request for Pre-Move Survey so that you can discuss your exact requirements and get accurate rate charts.
    4. Within just a few minutes, hire professional relocation service providers in Ghaziabad whose list of services and charges are best-suited to your relocation. Simply handover the hectic tasks of packing and moving to our specialists and focus on other significant tasks you need to do.
    5. Our experienced customer service team provide full support throughout your move, from the time you share requirements – until you are settled in your new home. No matter what problems you face with movers, our customer support team will help you with quick and effective issue resolutions.